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The Texas Showdown 

From Jes Kast-Keat

11:45PM 6/25

I’m sitting on edge watching the Texas senate showdown. There are 15 minutes left and Senator Davis has been filibustering for over 12 hours. She has been on her feet with no water, no leaning on the podium, no bathroom breaks, and constant talking to the point of SB-5, a state proposed law that would highly regulate a woman’s choices during her pregnancy.

By April of 2013 states had already proposed 694 provisions related to a woman’s body, how she gets pregnant, or how she chooses to end that pregnancy.

How many state proposed provisions in 2013 have been about men’s bodies? Zero.


11:50PM 6/25
Senator Leticia Van De Putte (D-San Antonio), having returned from funeral services for her deceased father, was informed she would not be recognized because the Senate had moved onto a new motion (there was a lot of amending, appealing, and calling order – reminded me of Synod).

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